Os-Commerce Solution for E-Commerce Shopping Cart Software

Nowadays, Os-Commerce is getting very famous source for building online shopping websites. Many fast increasing e-commerce groups which contain store owners and developers are adopting Os-Commerce Solution for their requirements.

Os-Commerce is one of the full featured online shop e-commerce solutions by the open source community development platform and is released under the GNU General Public License. This application has all necessary features that are needed to build successful e-commerce shopping cart software. It is the most reliable open source shopping cart application for creating a web online store.

Os-Commerce has PHP, MySQL, and Apache environment so it can run on any PHP enable web server, on any environment which is supported by both PHP and MySQL. It is the best online store solution which is available as free as an Open Source Solution. Some of the general benefits which can be achieved if e-commerce application is being developed using Os-Commerce are:-

· SEO friendly e-commerce website

· Increases Google Page Rank

· Easy and consumes less time

· Easy setup and installation

· Cost-effective comparatively

· Smooth transaction process

· Ensures secure and safe transaction

· Effortless functionalities

· Variety of Os-Commerce modules

Some of the features of Os-Commerce solutions which allow the developers to create custom online shopping carts are being listed below:-

· The online shopping cart created using Os-Commerce has very compatible configuration with search engines which gives the benefit of being SEO friendly website.

· It provides multiple currency options which make the business transactions very flexible and easy. It automatically updates currency exchange rates.

· This application supports third-party payment gateways like PayPal, etc which again make the business transactions easier.

· It supports almost all range of products online, photo galleries and catalogs for the products.

· It has features like secured administration section, customer feed backs, online tools, account management, shopping history, payment processing, and billing system which gives a great control in online business.

· The layout of the templates can be changed easily and quickly according to the requirements. It also allows easy integration into an existing website.

· It also supports dynamic images.

· The interfaces are user-friendly browser kind.

· Os-Commerce Customization offers various modules that will help you manage your store.

Today, Os-Commerce solutions has been taken to the next level, moving towards an e-commerce software solution that not only remains easy to set up and maintain but also making it easier for store administrators to present their stores to their customers with their own unique requirements.

Chirag Vyas is Online Marketing Manager at Open Source Web Development Company. It is a web development company with expert of OsCommerce Solutions, and other open sources.

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